Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Randomness factor

I have been really neglecting the blog because of work and I apologize.  Can't keep a consistent crowd if you don't give consistent content.  With all that said, I will try my best to keep the pulse of the blog to talk about my take on the T.C.G. and the meta in the states.  With Toronto over, a lot of things were cleared up.

1. Are Wind-Ups still good?

2. What are the cookie cutter decks right now?
None, although Wind-Ups had a strong showing the differences between each players deck was very significant.

3. How is the banlist?
It's hard to say, Wind-Ups seems to be herp derp at times being able to abuse Shock Master and Rank 5 XYZs like no other, but it is beatable.  Unforunately if you want to beat them consistently you need to be maining Maxx "C".

4. Is there ever going to be diversity in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Well, theres always going to be diversity in YGO is just a matter of how good are the best decks compared to everything else. Jeff Jones continues to stun people with his deck building and has no doubt started a revolution for psychics.

5. Whats the best deck right now??
I would have to say Wind-Ups because they just won Y.C.S. Toronto, but its anyone's game right now.


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